Ghost Towns

The remains of old mining towns are scattered throughout Colorado. Some are barely more than old mining shack foundations. But there are plenty that give a real glimpse of life in the 1800s. Visit some of these on your next trip here! A great resource is from GhostTowns.com - they have a great Chaffee County map with many to choose from!

The best known, and easiest to get to, is St Elmo, about 13 miles west of the Mt Princeton Hot Springs. This ghost town has many buildings and houses still standing, and a handful of people still live here. The St Elmo General Store has everything from antiques to souvenirs to snacks. Make sure to bring or buy snacks for the chipmunks who love to visit with you! St Elmo is also a great jumping off point for hiking, biking and ATV trails

From Clear Creek Canyon north of Buena Vista, you can visit the towns of Vicksburg and Warfield.. You shouldn't need four wheel drive vehicles to get to these in the warm weather.