Who We Are

Colorado Mountain Vacations wants to share the wonders of Central Colorado’s Fourteener Region with you!

Pam Guttenberg -Owner

Pam has lived in Colorado for almost 20 years and is the owner of Colorado Mountain Vacations.

Originally from Chicago, Pam holds a BA from Southern Illinois University and a Master's degree from the College for Financial Planning. In her previous lifetime, she was a Certified Financial Planner practitioner.

Pam lives in Nathrop and enjoys all that Colorado has to offer. She is a big bluegrass fan and attends shows and festivals throughout the state.

Steve & Phuong Carbon - Management Team
Steve & Phuong do an amazing job of keeping our houses in great shape for our renters and owners. They are involved in every phase of the company, from cleaning and maintenance to marketing and website redesign.

Steve has a background in commercial cleaning, business development and education. He has lived in Thailand and Vietnam but his heart is in Colorado!

Phuong bring intelligence, humor and hard work to every project she tackles. This is her third year with Colorado Mountain Vacations and when not working side by side with Steve, she is learning every phase of the business.

Together, they bring wonderful vitality to our company. They are also big bluegrass fans - and so is their baby daughter, Mary.