Hot Springs

Colorado has many natural hot springs throughout the state, but our area really shines with amazing non-mineral (no smell!) hot springs.

The largest hot springs in the area is the Mt Princeton Hot Springs, in the Chalk Creek Valley of Nathrop. This historic location offers multiple pools, a spa, massage, restaurant and bar, general store and much more. In some seasons there are also small hot springs pools directly in the Chalk Creek (depends on snow melt). The main pools are family friendly, while the new spa & club is an adult oasis with separate pools and spa services (no one under 16 allowed) Both sides are open to the public with day passes.

Cottonwood Hot Springs is just west of Buena Vista. Rather than the large pools that many hot springs offer, Cottonwood Hot Springs has a variety of small pools of varying temperatures. While children are pemitted, it is not as family-friendly as the other options in the area. Quiet and relaxation rule and parents are asked to make sure their kids are not loud or boisterous.

The Salida Hot Springs is an indoor, very family-friendly pool on Hwy 50. In addition to the large pool, there are private soaking pools available to rent.

South of Salida are two other hot springs pools. Less than an hour drive takes you to Joyful Journey. They are blessed with mineral hot springs that are don't have the sulpher smell that many others do. Truly a magical place! Those who are comfortable with a clothing-optional pool will love Valley View Hot Springs. Valley View is part of the Orient Land Trust and you can camp there overnight.